why leave a peo
why leave a peo

Save money, customize your HR programs, and gain greater control by leaving your PEO

Savings you can count on

On average, clients save approximately $1,500–$2,500 per employee annually by leaving their PEO.

Reduced Administration Fees

Replace the PEO fee with significantly lower priced payroll and HR technology solutions.

Potentially Reduced Insurance Costs

A customized health insurance plan better suited to your needs which could result in lower employer and employee costs plus possible savings on workers’ compensation.

“In running a community bank, we watch our operating costs very closely. With our increased employee growth, we were internally in a position to leave our PEO. This saved us a significant amount of money and provided our HR team with more autonomy. Knowing we controlled all of our HR decisions, as opposed to outsourcing them to a third party, translated into an enhanced culture for our employees.”
postpeo client david
David I. Rainer
CEO, Bank of Southern California

Actual Company Savings Example

why leave a peo
  1. PEO anticipated cost estimate is based on Standard Service Fee of 2.37% on Annual Gross Standard Payroll of $23.1M and Special Earnings Fee of 0.79% on bonuses and incentives of $1.1M.
  2. Payroll, HRIS and TPA services provided by Paylocity.
  3. Workers’ Comp provided by preferred provider.
  1. PEO renewal contains a 15% increase in benefit rates.
  2. Changed health insurance to Anthem Blue Cross with a 19-month rate guarantee to convert to a calendar year plan.
  3. Savings on FUI and SUI employer contributions due to gross payroll lowered by pre-tax health insurance premiums. Currently these savings are retained by the PEO.

Custom Solutions for your unique business

PEOs typically offer one-size-fits-all HR Technology and health insurance plans, which may not be the best fit for every business. By exiting a PEO you may find customized services and plans that are better suited to your needs and those of your employees.

why leave a peo

Customer Success Stories

We have only great things to say about Denise Gelfand and her team at PostPEO. We had been working with a PEO for many years, and were frustrated by a number of things at that PEO, including the inefficiency of their systems, the lack of quality services in some areas (they seem to be proficient in some areas not proficient in other areas), and most of all, the complete lack of transparency in their costs/billing. For a number of years I just put up with it, as I have a business to run and sometimes it is easier to just continue the status quo.

Denise, aware of my frustrations, approached me and softly introduced me to her team and her approach. I have known Denise professionally for many years and felt very comfortable that what she represented I could count on. She honestly and very efficiently led me thru the process of exploring a change (without any commitment). She bid out the various services we were receiving, and it came substantially lower for better quality service, with substantially more flexibility. 


(In fact, only when the PEO found out that we were really switching did they propose lowering their prices about 40% to match the new (and superior) coverage that Denise had found.)

 We made the switch thru Denise and her team, and it was seamless. Denise was (and continues to be) completely engaged in every single step of the way. She is extremely sharp, has a great business sense, is extremely tuned in to whatever problem arises, and is vigilant in addressing the problem on our behalf without delay. Denise listened carefully to our needs and desires, and executed flawlessly, and continues to this day (months after our switchover) to be completely available at all times to assist and advocate for us.

I am unqualified in my strong recommendation of Denise and her team at PostPEO, and am happy to be available to speak in person with anyone who would like more detail on my experience.

Alan Gindi

Abra Management / B.A.G. Investments

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