Unlocking Success: A Property Management Company’s Journey with PostPEO 

January 21, 2024  |  Denise Gelfand, Haley Haldeman


Discover how PostPEO streamlined the operations of a privately held property management company with over 30 years in business, resulting in over $100,000 in annual cost savings. Dive into the challenges they faced and the transformative impact of choosing PostPEO’s services.

In the competitive world of property management, our customer, a seasoned company with 75 employees, faced declining satisfaction with their PEO. PostPEO stepped in, organizing in-depth discussions to understand challenges and goals, paving the way for a partnership that would redefine their trajectory.


Before unbundling and embracing PostPEO, our client grappled with frustrations – from payroll limitations to subpar HR support. The bundled bill rate obscured their true costs leaving them to question what they were paying for. Additionally, the client’s workers’ comp experience mod posed potential challenges for placement in the standard market due to their industry and location. The challenge was clear: introduce a workers’ comp broker (as they did not have one), secure cost-effective coverage, streamline processes, improve the employee experience, provide HR support, and uncover hidden savings.


PostPEO’s approach involved a complimentary cost savings assessment along with a needs analysis, unraveling complexities. We addressed the workers’ comp renewal, introduced a broker who secured a stellar policy, and carefully selected several payroll/HRIS providers for the client to choose from.

Working hand-in-hand with the client and chosen providers, PostPEO facilitated a seamless transition. From taxation for housing allowances, a streamlined applicant tracking and recruiting process, electronic onboarding, performance management, HR support, integration with their existing time and attendance platform including a more efficient time off request process, to 401K integration. The implementation of PostPEO’s services ushered in a new era of efficiency and employee satisfaction.


The impact was a transformative journey resulting in more robust technology, streamlined processes, and over $100,000 in annual savings. With PostPEO’s guidance through this process, the company is positioned for sustained success and growth.

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