Your company has grown – now you’re ready to go PostPEO

Successfully leave your PEO, save money, control your employee experience, and transition to a tailored solution.

why leave a peo
why leave a peo
why leave a peo
why leave a peo
why leave a peo

Who should consider leaving their PEO?

As your company grows and looks to change, the advantages of having a PEO co-manage your internal HR requirements diminishes. This natural progression usually occurs when businesses:

Where is your company in the PEO Life Cycle?

why leave a peo

"Once a company using a PEO approaches 50 employees, we bring in PostPEO to do a detailed financial assessment. We show our clients the savings potentially available to them by unbundling from their PEO. As my clients’ CPA and trusted advisor, it’s an important value-added service I bring to the table to enhance their profitability.”

postpeo client ron

Ron Friedman

CPA & Partner, Marcum LLP

Why Team Up with PostPEO vs. Going It Alone

PostPEO removes the fear of the unknown and underlying complexities of the unbundling HR process. We’ve done the vetting and have integral relationships with industry leading providers in payroll, insurance, and HR technology solutions to create a comprehensive custom program that makes sense for your company today and into the future.

“As a business owner focused on building our revenue, it was necessary for our company to have an in-depth financial and HR assessment of our situation that the professionals at PostPEO bring to their clients. By paying only for the services we need and taking more internal control, we saved a considerable amount of money and gained a greater independent profile without stakeholders.”
postpeo jeff
Jeffrey Westheimer, JD
Senior Managing Director Lido Advisors LLC

We Know This Space

Our experience and knowledge in the PEO and finance industries allow us to analyze your circumstances and find the right solutions for your company and employee base at a significant cost savings.

Cost Analysis and HR Overview

Review your personalized financial assessment and HR overview summarizing your cost savings and HR structure after leaving a PEO.

Exceptional Service

Change is challenging, but with our support throughout the transition period to manage the process, we ensure a superior post PEO experience. We stand with you through every step.

Proven Solutions

Maintain your businesses’ productivity during the transition with our comprehensive and fully integrated migration process.

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